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Stronghold Crusader 2 Let's Play Video

Posted by EaglePrince on January 17, 2015 at 9:35 AM

Stronghold Crusader 2 Let's Play Video


This is how I won the third mission of the Stronghold Crusader 2 trail. During this game I didn't feel the need to speak much, but only to show others how the game works. Just like in any other Stronghold game, if one plays as an European lord, he needs to produce weapons to be able to train army, to produce food to keep his people satisfied, so he could have workers and recruits for his army as well! If you want some more gold you can produce stuff to sell it, or you can also produce ale and candles to gain some more popularity, after what you can put higher taxes. During this mission I decided to produce more food and to produce candles, and to gain popularity by food and religion - after that - people pay me taxes and still stay satisfied.

In my opinion good sides of Crusader 2 are mostly related to simplicity - one does not need to care about full stockpile, full granary, and stuff like that... You can also build a market place so you would be able to set auto-buy and auto-sell options, and to ensure this way that you may not run out of some important resources, such as wheat for flour, wood for fletchers, or iron for blacksmiths! Still, market is not required for buying nor selling goods - I didn't build it either.

There are also some more interesting events that you may notice in this video, such as storms... If thunder strikes one of your building, it can be set to fire, so if you don't have any wells or waterpots you could have a bad time. Besides this effect that bad weather also effects your popularity, so you may need to lower your taxes during that storm.

Castle you will see on this video is the cheapest possible - with two towers only to protect iron mines and oasis, and with curtain walls and curtain gatehouses - just to stop enemy from entering. If enemies were stronger, I would also care more about stronger walls.

A lot of that works just like in Stronghold 3, such as barracks or siege camps. You can build a siege wherever you want except in the enemy territory. When you build a catapult, you don't need to bring there any engineers - they will just leave the siege camp as long as you have enough gold and recruits.

I believe that these things are great for players who like that fighting aspect of Stronghold. The economy is not simplified, but it is made simpler as player doesn't have to take care about all little details to keep high popularity. Also, when you want to build ten catapults, all you need to do is click ten times to build them - not to pick 20 engineers and order them 10 times to build each catapult.

Speaking about my favorite Stronghold unit, you may notice which one is it - swordsman! They are great here, just like they are in any other Stronghold game, and I was using them along with archers. There are also some other interesting things regarding troops in Crusader 2, such as macemen, or knights. In Crusader 2 knights don't fight with swords - they fight with maces, which looks really great. Also, those macemen when they charge towards the enemy. I will show those details in some other video as well.

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